Special #1: Cedar Beam Mantel $995 + Shipping


Three Carved Vignettes


Jerry will carve a length of 60" - 72" L x  6" H x 8" D cedar beam mantel complete, no shelf or trim, featuring a set design of three carved vignettes across the mantel face, $995 plus shipping. Pricing includes materials, construction, carving, staining and finishing.

Carving will include an alphabet initial in block letter font as a center focal point on the mantel face, and oak leaves and acorns in vignettes on the left and right sides of the mantel face.

Your stain preference: Light, medium or dark

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Photos: Finished Cedar Beam Mantel


Jerry's Cedar Beam Mantel

Jerry's own cedar beam mantel, with oak leaves and acorns vignettes left and right, and a center "M" initial.

He decided on an ebony stain for his mantel, with a lighter shade of stain over the carved areas.

Special #2: "Oak Leaves and Acorns" Mantel $2,995 + Shipping


Jerry's Signature Oak Leaves and Acorns

Jerry will carve a 60" L x 6" H x 8" D basic "Oak Leaves and Acorns" mantel complete, in alder wood, beam style, no shelf or trim, $2,995 plus shipping. Includes materials, construction, carving, staining and finishing. 

 This mantel will feature Jerry's beautifully detailed signature oak leaves and acorns, carved left to right across the face of the mantel, and will showcase the depth and realistic character of his work. 

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