"Rocky Mountain High" Mantel

Rick Christian, our "Rocky Mountain High" customer, granted permission to share his letter (below):

November 28, 2019

Dear Jerry,

When I opened the crate, I cried. Your art is that beautiful. It far exceeds my every expectation, and for that I thank you.

I've spent my life working with creatives and gifted artisans. I have been wowed often by amazing talent. Yours surpasses everything else I've encountered. You left me stunned and in absolute awe. I told my wife that in the Old Testament days, you'd have been entrusted with creating the most visible and valuable pieces of sculpture in the temple of God. And your name would have been captured in Scripture. You are worthy of that level of honor.

I'm guessing the fine detail and depth of field of this Rocky Mountain High project were among the toughest you've ever been tasked with. There were ten thousand places you could easily have cut corners. You clearly chose not to, and gave this commission the very best of your ability. Its complications inspired you to greatness.

I feel this finished work belongs in a museum or in some grand public place or holy space. For now, it will reside in more humble surroundings at our home in the forest. Many will have the opportunity to sit at the fireplace and amidst the space we are having built for it. All will learn your name and hear the story of your creation and how it came to be.

I have prayed for you every step of the way, all these months. I am glad God sustained and inspired you and now I pray he will also bless you for your faithfulness in using the gifts he generously bestowed upon you.

With my utmost respect and appreciation this Thanksgiving day,

Rick Christian

Rick Christian
Founder/CEO Emeritus
Rick Christian Founder/CEO Emeritus https://Aliveliterary.com

"Rocky Mountain High" Video

"Rocky Mountain High" mantel is finished and has been shipped to our customer in Colorado Springs, CO.

Jerry has finished "Rocky Mountain High" Mantel


"Rocky Mountain High" is an 8 ft. long mantel designed for our customers in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It features Pike's Peak, Garden of the Gods, the "Kissing Camels" formation, aspen and ponderosa pine trees, and many animals indigenous to Colorado.

Next in Jerry's Lineup: "Ohio Buckeye" Mantel

Jerry's next customer in the lineup asked for a family of deer to represent their own family carved in the center scene on their mantel, with Jerry's signature oaks leaves and acorns trailing left and right to the ends of the mantel face. Also featured  in the center scene will be an Ohio buckeye tree, our customer's initials carved into a tree, and an owl.

Coming Down the Road:


New Custom Order in Qatar!

Jerry's newest order is for carved desk panels for our customer in Qatar!


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Jerry's Blog

Jerry shares techniques that he uses in the designing and carving process.

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