Jerry has finished "Rocky Mountain High" Mantel


"Rocky Mountain High" is an 8 ft. long mantel designed for our customers in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It features Pike's Peak, Garden of the Gods, the "Kissing Camels" formation, aspen and ponderosa pine trees, and many animals indigenous to Colorado.

"Rocky Mountain High" Video

The stain has been applied to "Rocky Mountain High" mantel. It will be ready for shipping after the satin lacquer finish.

Next in Jerry's Lineup: "Ohio Buckeye" Mantel

Jerry's next customer in the lineup asked for a family of deer to represent their own family carved in the center scene on their mantel, with Jerry's signature oaks leaves and acorns trailing left and right to the ends of the mantel face. Also featured  in the center scene will be an Ohio buckeye tree, our customer's initials carved into a tree, and an owl.


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Jerry shares techniques that he uses in the designing and carving process.

Special Picks


"Survival" Mantel

"Survival" mantel was designed and carved by Jerry for our customer in Houston, TX, who added a plexiglass top to the installed mantel, so that the light would shine down through the top of the wood carving into the "water."


"Kootenay Lake" Mantel

This custom mantel was designed and carved by Jerry for our customer in British Columbia, Canada, who asked for river otters and a a standing blue heron with its head dipping into the "water." The customer installed a plexiglass shelf between the mantel top and and the body of the heron for a view down into the carving.