About Jerry's Lamps


Jerry's "Found Cedar" Carved Lamps

Jerry was intrigued by the varied shapes and sizes of the downed cedar trees on the property where he lives, seeing the potential for carving interesting pieces. Each carved lamp is unique, having its own character, according to the shape and size of the section of the cedar tree trunk it's carved from. Each showcases a design style incorporating either Native American elements, various wildlife tracks, or a Texas star. As with all of his pieces, Jerry carved every one of them. 

What's Included

Carved lamps include an attached base carved in a stippled pattern, and a lacquer finish. Also, the light fixture, cord, and harp are installed. Add a light bulb and a lamp shade and you're set!

How Much?

Each lamp is priced individually, from $125 - $175,  according to the carving complexity, plus $20 shipping, Continental U.S. only. Just click the "Buy Now" button under the lamp you choose in the dropdown menu.

About The Process


What Does He do?

At this point in the photo shown, Jerry has spent many hours preparing the cedar, cutting  the lengths, trimming the branches, sanding the lamp base smooth, and carving the elements. They are ready here for drilling for the electrical, attaching to the stipple-carved cedar bases, applying a lacquer finish, and installing the electrical and hardware.