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Original "Survival Mantel"   (2006)





Original "Survival Mantel" (2006)

...and now.

    Tuesday, March 13, 2018    
08/15/2006: YouTube Video        

08/21/2006: YouTube Video

    "Florida Everglades" Mantel    
    Finished Photos Posted:    
    Finished Carving Video Posted:    
    YouTube Video    
    First Cuts Video Posted 04/28/2017:    
    YouTube Video    
Project  Completed!


"Hide and Seek" Mantel

June 4, 2016: YouTube Video!

July 27, 2016: YouTube Video!



Project  Completed!
    "Kootenay Lake Survival Mantel"    
    03/23/2014: You Tube Video!    
    11/08/2013:  You Tube Video!    
  Project  Completed!  
  "East Meets Southwest and Moves North Mantel"  
    Project  Completed!    
    "Idaho Wildlife Cabinetry Legs"    
Lake Trout Finished: Moose Finished: Loons Finished: Bugling Elk Finished: Whitetail Deer Finished: Black Bear Finished: Bald Eagle Finished:
Cougar Finished:
    Project  Completed!    
    "Louisiana Bayou Mantel"    
  Links to more of Jerry's completed projects:  


"Pecan Hollow Mantel" "Winterset Mantel" "Alberta Whitetail Door" "Alberta Whitetail Mantel"



"Lone Star Ranch Mantel"

"Greenfield Mantel"

"Trophy Mantel"


"Mysteries of the Deep"

"Lakota War Chief Sculpture"




"Lake Norman Survival Mantel"   "Lake Keowee Mantel"   "Ohio Whitetail Mantel"





"Hummingbird Table"   "Deep Woods Mantel"  




 "Rogue River Mantel"  


  "Hunter's Mantel"


  "Morning Glory Mantel"   "Mourning Doves Sculpture"  
    Jerry's Carved Cedar Lamps!    




Welcome!  We invite you to browse, as pictures of Jerry Mifflin's custom-designed and intricately carved fireplace mantels and other pieces are posted to this site.  His current projects are pictured step-by-step under "Start To Finish," where Jerry's customers can track the progress of their mantels during the carving and finishing process.

Jerry is sometimes asked if the oak leaves on his mantels are carved from separate pieces of wood that are then glued to the mantel face.  His carving is relieved from a single expanse of wood across the mantel face and is generally carved to a depth ranging from 1-1/2 to 3 inches.

Our contact information is listed below.  Please click on the e-mail link or give Jerry a call.  He would love to design and carve your heirloom piece.


E-Mail: jerrymifflin@jerrymifflinwoodcarving.com


Call or Text Jerry: 479-466-5169



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