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Louisiana Bayou
East SW North
Slovakia Mantel
Kootenay Lake
Keowee Mantel
Razorback Mantel
Sugar Creek Mantel
Pecan Hollow Mantel
Winterset Mantel
Alberta Whitetail
Ohio Whitetail Mantel
Lake Norman Survival
Big Bay Mantel
Trophy Mantel
Lone Star Ranch Mantel
Lone Star Logo Mantel
Rogue River Mantel
Deep Woods Mantel
Survival Mantel
Rose Mantel
Hunter's Mantel
Cedar Rock Mantel
Wild Game Mantel
Morning Glory Mantel
Scripture Mantel
Buck-Doe Deer Mantel
Elk Mantel
Bear Mantel
Wagon Train Mantel
Deer Mantel
Grist Mill Mantel


This mantel was commissioned for our customer's cabin, located by a beautiful lake on their vacation property in Maine.  Leonard and Pat wrote recently, "We still think the woodcarving you did is the greatest thing since sliced bread."  Their mantel was completed in June 2004.  Hi Leonard and Pat!


Jerry working on "Bear Mantel" Finished "Bear Mantel"

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The Vacation cabin in Maine where "Bear Mantel" calls home.

Photo: June 2006